9 weeks down, 31 to go.

13 01 2009

Pregnancy is really uninteresting, you know that?  Well, right now anyway.

I started to write about something that I wrote about last time.  Pfft.

I’m going to see The Midwife tomorrow.  Update later.


all’s quiet on the pregnancy front.

4 01 2009

No, really.  Quiet.

The first trimester has been really boring.  I’m generally uncomfortable and very tired.  And no one wants to hear about that.

Everyone I talk to is like OMG I CAN’T WAIT TO FIND OUT IF YOU’RE HAVING A BOY OR GIRL!!!!!! and all I can say is “umm… well, it’ll be April before we know…”  Lame.  I’m ready for this to get exciting.  Haha.  I’m impatient.

I’m so excited but there’s not much to talk about right now.  Except that I’m tired.  And I already feel huge.  My belly sticks out a little bit already (well, more than it did before)… I wonder if that has anything to do with this being my second pregnancy.  I’m looking forward to my next appointment with the midwife… which is also the first sonogram.  😀  February 9th.  Can’t wait!


In other news, my husband eats ALL THE TIME now.  Definitely more than me.  It might have something to do with his smoking cessation…  His belly is bigger than mine.  😉