9 04 2009

I got my first comment!  WOO!  Ms. Joey asked a few questions… here are my answers:

Q1. what does it feel like when the baby kicks?  wow, that’s really hard to describe.  I’ve been thinking about it all day, and the only thing I can think of is obvious: like something is nudging me from the inside.  Hmm.  duh.  Anyway, it feels weird and wonderful all at once.
Q2. do you get morning sickness?  I did for my first trimester, which is something I didn’t really have with Noah.  It pretty much went away by week 11 or so.  I still get very, very nauseous if I wait too long to eat.  This baby is definitely his daddy’s son… he eats and eats and eats.  It’s funny how an unborn baby can sort of have a personality.
Q3. what is it like having a giant hard belly?  It is somewhere between depressing and awesome.  I’m just now getting to that stage where I’m starting to look more PREGNANT and less FAT.  But I still have fat days and get all hormonal and depressed.  Haha.


I saw the midwife on Wednesday — everything is still going AMAZING.  I have gained (only) 9 pounds so far!  I gained 69 pounds when I was pregnant with Noah… I’m so thankful that it’s not too bad so far.  When we were listening to the baby’s heartbeat, we could hear him constantly moving around in there.  It was kinda nice for Jeremy to be able to hear what I’m talking about all the time, as he cannot feel the baby move yet.  I’m sure it will be soon.  I feel him getting stronger every day.

Unfortunately, because of my hypertension, I will be spending Easter Sunday collecting all of my urine for a test.  Okay, ew.  Peeing in a cup is one thing, but spending 24 hours collecting pee in a big jug that has to be refrigerated = not fun.  I had to do this during pregnancy #1, so it wasn’t really a surprise… but still.  I’m glad I’m home alone for most of the day.  —  My hypertension has gotten me some perks, though.  From the end of June on, I will be getting an ultrasound every week (SQUEE!).  I’m supposed to be getting growth scans (ultrasounds) once monthly right now, but I don’t have any set up as of yet.

The baby is vigorouosly kicking my laptop right now.  He HATES it being on my lap.  Guess that’s my cue…



2 04 2009

It’s been a while.  Oops.

So it’s a boy!  YAY!  We are thrilled.  Everything is going fantastic.

Baby is already kicking ferociously.  I fear for my insidey parts once he gets stronger.