first glance at the second baby.

19 02 2009
February 9th – 12 weeks, 5 days




9 weeks down, 31 to go.

13 01 2009

Pregnancy is really uninteresting, you know that?  Well, right now anyway.

I started to write about something that I wrote about last time.  Pfft.

I’m going to see The Midwife tomorrow.  Update later.

medication and whatnot

17 12 2008

I feel like I’ve either levelled out over the last couple days.  Either that, or I’m just getting used to this pregnancy thing.  😀

I saw my nurse practicioner on Tuesday.  She had me come in to see her because I had been on atenolol (blood pressure), citalopram (antianxiety/antidepressant), and trazodone (to help me sleep) when I found out I was pregnant.  We both knew that I was going to have to discontinue everything during the pregnancy.  I was glad to go see her, because I have been horribly dizzy since getting off my medication.  She let me know that she doesn’t prescribe blood pressure medication for pregnant women, and that I needed to see my OBGYN ASAP.  I told her that I had already made an appointment for January 5th.  She pulled some strings to get me in with another OBGYN (a midwife, actually) tomorrow evening, because she said that it’s considered a high risk pregnancy.  I’ve been told to watch my sodium intake (which I do anyway, to keep my blood pressure down) and to “take it easy”.  The term “high risk” seriously freaks me out.  I’ve done a lot of crying about it.  I’m trying not to worry about it too much until tomorrow night.

In completely unrelated news, the First Baby turned five years old today.  He has grown up so fast…