Dirty bowls are depressing.

13 12 2008

I cried over the dishes this morning.  I mean, freakin’ bawled.  I was very tired, and the kitchen was a mess, and I was all upset because no one would help me.

In two words, HORMONES SUCK.

Also, my sense of smell is ridiculous.  Everything smells terrible.  I am so nauseous most of the time.  Blegh.


The big news

12 12 2008

Yesterday, December 11th, I found out that I am pregnant with my second child.

This is a pregnancy blog.  Hooray!

The big changes.

12 12 2008

I realize that I am only in week 5 of pregnancy, but LET ME TELL YOU.  I have symptoms.  I guess I just know my body really well.

  • My boobs are sore.
  • I’m nauseous occasionally.
  • Certain things don’t taste the same.
  • I have wicked heartburn at night.
  • I am very, very tired.  ALL OF THE TIME.
  • I have to pee.  ALL OF THE TIME.

I don’t remember having this many symptoms with my first pregnancy.  I remember being tired early on… but that’s about it.  Lovely.

Either way, I am incredibly excited about the months to come.  I just need to sit back and realize that I have 36+ weeks to go, and I need to chill out and stop worrying about everything!