o hai internetz.

24 12 2008

So it’s been a while.  What can I say.  I work in retail and it’s the holidays.  Lucky me.

I am completely exhausted after working seven days in a row.  It’s sad that Christmas almost feels like just a day off.  Ugh.

I saw The Midwife last week… and I am in love with her.  You know… in a You Are Totally Cool Enough To Deliver My Baby way.  I really did not think that I would stick with a midwife, but she is extremely friendly and put me at ease.  Hey, she made me laugh WHILST IN STIRRUPS.  She is amazing in my book.

Anyway, I am now on methyldopa for my blood pressure (which was amazingly low the day I saw her).  I’m not feeling much better yet.  I’m not getting dizzy quite as often, but it still happens.  My heart isn’t racing quite as much either.  She gave me six different prenatal vitamin samples and a BUTTLOAD of information and magazines and crap.  I love free stuff.  Haha.

Found out from one of the nurses yesterday that I have a bladder infection… which explains a lot.  I’ve been in a lot of pain the last few days.  Tylenol is worthless, I tell you!

I need a good night’s sleep.  And then perhaps a nap.

Merry Christmas.